helllo fans 2011

2011-01-08 02:38:44 by Kieran123

hello fans n welcome to the year 2011.
im sorry but i probably won't be makin any flashes this year as I now have a life. Although I shall still be gettin drunk, postin reviews and droppin mad rhymes over newgrounds when she least expects it. huh sounds like when me n yo mum concieved you.
or wen i was in science class puttin a pube ina stew
cos thats the truth ruth
i sneak and i sleuth
and eat wood
that aint a gay metaphore im like a termite
with spite in the night
causin yo plight
you wana fight
take off that dress n try n impress
but u still whimper and confess
to sex with a priest
our bretheren will rise like yeast
fuck peace ill give an uptight bitch a crease
so what does this have to do with newgrounds
besides the fact that im breakin newgrounds with my cyber freestylese
just cos theyr free doesnt mean you can steal
this be my hard as wooden meal
as i make sure the weapon will conceal
if my rhymes were druge well then im doin a deal
taken ya ears
i need more surgically attached
watch out for my new batch
let me start it from sratch n ill atach ya sond murdered fasce
just imagine em dead
like i said
BOiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
watch out the depression of godzilla part 2 is coming
im still living
im still willing


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2011-01-08 03:38:59

You really suck at rhyming